List of Healthy Food Choices

by Dr. Leo Galland

List of Healthy Food Choices


Taking care of yourself is not only about pills—the vitamins, supplements and medications that you take.


It’s also about eating right, making healthier choices for your body.


To get started, we made a list of healthy food choices—stuff that has been getting a lot of attention for its health benefits. Like the antioxidants in pomegranates, or the lycopene in tomatoes. And stuff that is easy to find in the supermarket, like apples and oranges, that are also noted for their nutritional value. It’s about fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and beverages. The list is adapted from the book The Fat Resistance Diet by Leo Galland M.D.


Don’t like to cook? No problem—lots of the healthy food choices on the list require no cooking, like the salad vegetables and the fruit. Not to mention the beverages and the nuts for snacks.


Make organic stuff your first choice. If there is a food to which you are allergic, skip it.







Nuts and Seeds (Fresh, Unsalted and Not Roasted)



  • Water
  • Green Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Blueberry Juice
  • Cherry Juice
  • Pomegranate Juice
  • Vegetable Juice


We hope you enjoy our list of healthy food choices. For free recipes and a one day meal plan visit


One thought on “List of Healthy Food Choices

  1. Rev. Lynn

    I have lost 46 pounds on the Fat Resistance Diet and I feel great, better than I have in years. I am eating healthy and if I do stray from the plan as I did during the holidays, I immediately feel the difference in my body. I experienced bloating, weight gain and sluggishness. My body is letting me know I am going to feel my best when I am following a healthy eating regimen and I can expect long term positive results in my health.

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