Best Vitamins to Take?  What Vitamins Doctors Take

Thinking about asking a doctor when it comes to finding out what are the best vitamins to take?


Turns out that for specialists in dermatology, cardiology, and orthopedics, many take vitamins themselves, and recommend what is best to take in their practices.


So let’s take a look at what type of doctors take what vitamins, and see what they think is best, at least for themselves. According to a study of healthcare professionals:


“75 percent of dermatologists personally take vitamins or other dietary supplements and 66 percent recommend supplements to their patients;


57 percent of cardiologists personally take vitamins or other dietary supplements and 72 percent recommend supplements to their patients;


and 73 percent of orthopedic specialists personally take vitamins or other dietary supplements and 91 percent recommend supplements to their patients.” (1)


The study appeared in Nutrition Journal, a peer-reviewed journal.


So, based on the survey, what was the best, or most popular, vitamin to take for the doctors?


A multivitamin was the most popular vitamin in the group surveyed, followed by omega-3/fish oil and botanicals.  Green tea was the most popular botanical (herb).


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As far as the rates of the doctors who take a multivitamin, it breaks down like this:


  • 44 % of cardiologists,
  • 61 % of dermatologists,
  • 57 % of orthopedists


of those surveyed had taken a multivitamin in the year preceding the study. (2)


Wellness and overall health was the main reason the doctors take vitamins and other dietary supplements.


  • More specific reasons to take a vitamin include:
  • heart health,
  • lowering cholesterol,
  • bone health,
  • joint health and,
  • skin, hair and nails. (3)


When recommending supplements to patients, the reasons lined up according to the physicians’ specialty: for cardiologists it was lowering cholesterol, maintaining healthy cholesterol, and general heart health.  For orthopedists it was bone health, joint health, and musculoskeletal pain.  For dermatologists it was skin, hair, and nails.


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Dickinson A, Shao A, Boyon N, Franco J. “Use of dietary supplements by cardiologists, dermatologists and orthopedists: report of a survey.”  Nutrition Journal 2011, 10:20 doi:10.1186/1475-2891-10-20.


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