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Environment Key to Immune System: Stanford Study

grass sheepIs our immune system dictated by our genes or environment?

Researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine found that unlike conventional beliefs,  it is our environment, more than our heredity, that plays the key role in determining the state of our Continue reading


5 All-Natural Tips To Help You Fight The Flu


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What can you do when there’s an epidemic of flu sweeping the country and the CDC has warned that the flu vaccine may not be as effective as in other years for this year’s strain of the virus?

Here are five things my family and I are doing to protect ourselves from the flu …

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Air Pollution Linked to Congenital Defects

traffic-in-sunsetAir pollution in urban areas has serious health implications, especially to those with respiratory problems including asthma.

A recent study by Tel Aviv University researchers provides new evidence linking high exposure to air pollution to an increased risk of congenital Continue reading


Nutraceutical Boosts Natural Killer Cells of Immune System


inthewoodsModern medicine fights diseases by the use of drugs, surgery, radiation and other therapies, but real health can only be attained by maintaining a healthy immune system, which directs the healing process. 

This system is the key to fighting every kind of insult to the body, from a small cut


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Honey Fights Antibiotic Resistance

Susan Meschwitz, Ph.D.

Honey has been known for its medicinal uses since ancient times.


Now scientists were excited to find that it could be the sweet key to tackling the growing problem of bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

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You May Have Flu with No Symptoms

Being infected with flu does not necessarily mean you would have symptoms of cough, cold, sore throat or flu-like illness. Most people actually don’t, reports a new study from University College London.


Researchers found that only 23 percent of people infected with seasonal or pandemic influenza Continue reading