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Nutraceutical Boosts Natural Killer Cells of Immune System


inthewoodsModern medicine fights diseases by the use of drugs, surgery, radiation and other therapies, but real health can only be attained by maintaining a healthy immune system, which directs the healing process. 

This system is the key to fighting every kind of insult to the body, from a small cut


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Honey Fights Antibiotic Resistance

Susan Meschwitz, Ph.D.

Honey has been known for its medicinal uses since ancient times.


Now scientists were excited to find that it could be the sweet key to tackling the growing problem of bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

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You May Have Flu with No Symptoms

Being infected with flu does not necessarily mean you would have symptoms of cough, cold, sore throat or flu-like illness. Most people actually don’t, reports a new study from University College London.


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Dr. Hoffman Highlights Immune-Boosting Nutrients

Today we are honored to begin an exciting series of articles by Ronald Hoffman, MD, an esteemed colleague and good friend of Dr. Leo Galland.


Dr. Hoffman is one of America’s leaders in complementary and alternative medicine. He is a frequent lecturer, medical expert in the media and the host of Health Talk, the longest-running medical talk show on the radio. He is the author of popular books including How to Talk with Your Doctor and Intelligent Medicine.

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Stay Healthy This Holiday

By Jonathan Galland


Staying healthy is a real challenge this time of year due to the cold weather, staying indoors and indulging in food and drink.


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