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By Dr. Jeffrey Bland


We humans have always lived in a less than perfect environment.


One way or another, we are exposed to a range of toxic substances in the air, in our water and food, often in the materials that shelter us, from intestinal bacteria and cellular metabolism.

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Don’t be taken in by the fancy touting of e-cigarettes. They are not as harmless and innocent as they claim to be.


The disturbing results from a new CDC study are very revealing. It finds that young people who have used e-cigarettes are almost twice as likely to try conventional cigarettes.

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By Dr. Terry Wahls, MD


When you were diagnosed with your autoimmune health problems, you might have been wise enough to ask your doctor about diet and what you could do yourself to reduce the symptoms and pain associated with your diagnosis.


Unfortunately, most physicians today would shrug off that question and tell you there is no evidence that diet makes any difference. Your physician probably told you that Continue reading »


By Dr. Deanna Minich


One of the biggest, unrecognized sources of toxicity is travel.


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By Dr. Benjamin I. Brown


Organophosphate pesticides are ever-present in our environment, especially in our food.


These pesticides are linked to health problems in children and several important chronic diseases in adults. New research has shown that eating organic can help reduce Continue reading »


by Joe Pizzorno, ND


Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are defined as, “Organic compounds that are resistant to environmental degradation through chemical, biological, and photolytic processes.” Continue reading »