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How Dieting and Supplements Affect the Brain

IMG_0243_副本Dr. Leo Galland, world leader in integrated medicine and creator of PillAdvised, stopped by Mondays with Marlo to discuss important topics trending today in health, including dieting, supplements, and how they affect the brain.

Dr. Galland says that the brain needs the most energy out of any part of the body.

He suggests what’s good for your heart for the most part is good for your brain and to remember to most importantly use food as fuel to support brain activity.

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7 Reasons Why Functional Medicine Rocks!

AUTHOR PHOTO. Frank Lipman. Credit Timothy White. Croppedby Dr. Frank Lipman

You’re not sleeping well. Your belly seems perpetually upset. Your nose is stuffed up and, to top it off, you’re feeling down. You head to your GP for—if you’re lucky—a 10-minute chat about what’s ailing you. The GP then hands you a prescription or two, shakes your hand, and shows you the door. Case closed. Is this any way to heal the unwell? Does this approach actually make anyone better?

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Top 5 Benefits of Marine Omega-3s


by Christopher Oswald

Humans have between 60 and 100 trillion cells in their bodies, all of which have cell membranes with a lipid bilayer. Maintaining a healthy fatty acid balance within the membrane supports healthy biochemistry throughout the body.*

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Mind-Body Practices Widespread in U.S.

sunsetMore Americans of all ages are rolling out their yoga mats in an effort to improve their health.

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