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Prof. Rolf Holle, Helmholtz Zentrum München

People with type 2 diabetes are not doomed. Taking an active approach to your care can make a real difference in quality of life and longevity.


A study by German scientists finds that those who regularly monitor their blood glucose level, have a diet plan or perform physical exercise could actually reduce the risk of mortality.


Researchers from Helmholtz Zentrum München studied 340 participants with type 2
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By Dr. Mark Hyman


152 pounds of sugar. That is a lot of sugar, and is the average amount an American eats and drinks each year.


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Naomi Marmorstein PhD

Depression and obesity have long been associated.


New research shows that adolescent girls who experience one of the disorders are at a greater risk for the other as they get older.


“Adolescence is a key developmental period for both obesity and depression, so we thought it significant to look at the
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Harvard's Frank Hu MD, PhD

Diabetes is a growing public health challenge in Asia.


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Are you properly nourishing the helpful microbes in your gut?


On the one hand, if you are following a healthy diet and having some yogurt or probiotics, then you could be fostering better health for your digestive system.

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By Dr. Mark Hyman


Glutathione is critical for detoxification, immunity, prevention, and aging well. What makes glutatione so important is that it recycles antioxidants.


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