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Physical exercise has many benefits on human health, including the protection from stress-induced depression.


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While people the world over are concerned about the environmental impact of climate change and how to reduce it to the minimum, U.S. researchers are already a step ahead in studying its challenges and opportunities for public health.

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By Sarah Anne Stewart & Fern Olivia Langham


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Food is medicine: It’s easy enough to say. To make it the foundation of a modern medical practice is not quite so simple.


Susan Blum, MD, a functional medicine physician in Rye Brook, NY, chose to put nutrition at the center of her practice, and it is paying off in terms of greatly improved outcomes and robust practice success.

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We are delighted to announce an amazing Fall 2014 Beauty Wellness Wisdom event at abc home here in New York City on Saturday, 9/13.


It is organized by our good friend Paula Gilovich, who is passionate about Integrated Medicine and everything that can help us move toward a more natural, sustainable and healthy way of life.

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Don’t be taken in by the fancy touting of e-cigarettes. They are not as harmless and innocent as they claim to be.


The disturbing results from a new CDC study are very revealing. It finds that young people who have used e-cigarettes are almost twice as likely to try conventional cigarettes.

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