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Schools play a key role in the health of teenagers.


New research found that students in schools where sugary drinks were available consumed them more often and were more likely to be obese on the BMI scale.


Canadian scientists believe that sugary
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Do you keep telling yourself you will go to the gym later, when you have more time?


That you will sacrifice your fitness to focus just on your work?


That is taking two bets, one on your health and one on your work.


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Prof. Kristina Akesson

Vitamin D insufficiency in seniors has been shown to contribute to increased risk of fractures.


Previous studies have used single vitamin D measurements to investigate effects on bone.


A new study from Sweden has found that long-term low levels of vitamin D intake could lead to higher 10-year fracture risk in elderly women.

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The ultra hazardous effects of smoking and second-hand smoking have received much attention. Yet 34 million Americans continue to smoke.


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Naomi Marmorstein PhD

Depression and obesity have long been associated.


New research shows that adolescent girls who experience one of the disorders are at a greater risk for the other as they get older.


“Adolescence is a key developmental period for both obesity and depression, so we thought it significant to look at the
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It is no news that obesity could cause many a chronic disease over time. But new evidence just surfaced that being overweight raises the risk of multiple sclerosis.

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