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By Austin Perlmutter


When it comes to drinking alcohol, research seems to indicate that use in moderation may have significant health benefits. With that said, too much alcohol wreaks havoc on the body, creating a pro-inflammatory state that burns out the liver and induces dementia.

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Eat more walnuts for your brain’s sake!


A new animal study indicates that a diet including walnuts may have a beneficial effect in reducing the risk, delaying the onset, slowing the progression of, or preventing Alzheimer’s disease.


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Photo Credit: Ma Guihua

Physical exercise has many benefits on human health, including the protection from stress-induced depression.


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Photo Credit: Christina Galland

Fruits and veggies often top nutritionists’ list for a healthy diet.


A latest study by UK scientists discovered that more portions each day are not only good for our physical health, but our mental wellbeing as well.

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B vitamins have been known to be linked to brain health. U.S. researchers found lately that vitamin B1 deficiency can cause a potentially fatal brain disorder called Wernicke encephalopathy.


Symptoms can include confusion, hallucinations, coma, loss of muscle coordination and vision problems such as double vision and involuntary eye movements. Untreated, the Continue reading »


By Dr. Kelly Brogan


B12 supports myelin, which allows nerve impulses to conduct. When this vitamin is deficient, has been suspected to drive symptoms such as dementia, multiple sclerosis, impaired gait, and sensation. B12 is also well known for its role in red blood cell production.

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