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Revolutionize the Way You Live and Eat with Amie Valpone


You CAN experience what it feels like to be symptom-free in any stage of your life.

I’m excited to announce the launch of Amie Valpone’s cookbook  Eating Clean: The
21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body.

This book outlines the journey of how Amie Valpone healed from a decade of chronic illness and it’s filled with over 200 detox-approved Continue reading


Self-reported Penicillin allergy or Chronic Hives?

forest_副本Which comes first: Self-reported penicillin allergy or chronic hives?

New study has shown a strong association between the two conditions.

People who have self-reported penicillin allergy may have a three times greater chance of suffering from chronic hives. And people Continue reading


Low-weight, high-repetition exercise adds bone density


Findings defy prior assumptions that heavy weightlifting is necessary for building bone mass.

A new research study finds that low-weight, high-repetition resistance training increases bone mineral density in adults, challenging assumptions that heavy weight-training is required to build bone mineral density.

Continue reading


Right Nutrition Protects Against Osteoporosis in Old Age


Whether you’re young or old, the right nutrition can make a difference to your bone health and influence your ability to live an independent, mobile, fracture-free life into your more senior years.

This is the key message of a new scientific review published in the journal ‘Osteoporosis International’ by leading bone and nutrition experts, ahead of World Osteoporosis Day on October 20. Continue reading


Yoga Improves Arthritis Symptoms, Mood: Johns Hopkins


Are you a yoga lover?

A  Johns Hopkins study finds that yoga may be a safe and effective way to keeping moving for the 1 in 5 adults who live with arthritis.

In a randomized trial, people with arthritis who practiced yoga had about a 20% improvement in physical health with similar improvements in pain, energy, mood and carrying out day-to-day activities and tasks. Continue reading


Tomatoes for Weight Loss

Photo Credit: Christina Galland

Photo Credit: Christina Galland

By Dr. Leo Galland

Tomatoes are one of my favorite fat-burning, inflammation-fighting foods.

When you reduce inflammation, you can make your weight loss hormones such as leptin, work properly, allowing you to lose weight. Continue reading