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Obese People Need More Vitamin E


A recent study suggests that obese people with metabolic syndrome face an unexpected quandary when it comes to vitamin E.

They need more than normal levels of the vitamin because their weight and other problems are causing increased oxidative Continue reading


Reboot Your Metabolism to Lose Weight, Gain Energy

SummitIs willpower the reason you can’t lose weight? When’s the last time you reset your metabolism? Maybe your lack of energy and weight loss challenges aren’t a diet issue, but a metabolism that needs a wake up call!

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Sara Vance created The Metabolism Summit to help those who are suffering with weight Continue reading


The Empowering Neurologist – Dr. David Perlmutter and Dr. Leo Galland

Dr. Galland enjoyed this interview with his good friend and colleague Dr. David Perlmutter, and wants to share it with YOU.

The discussion focuses on how dietary choices influence metabolism and even appetite. They also talk about the role of the hormone leptin and how it influences appetite, as well as how insulin function is affected by our food choices.  Watch it here:






More Americans Use Mind Body Practices: Survey

road to forest_副本

More Americans of all ages are rolling out their yoga mats in an effort to improve their health.

A large nationally representative survey shows that the number of Americans using mind and body approaches to improve health and well-being remains high. Of note is a Continue reading


More Fruits, Veggies Gives You Healthy Heart

fruit1Eat more veggies and fruits when you are young.

A new study found that eating more fruits and vegetables as a young adult may keep your arteries free of heart disease 20 years later.

Researchers found that eating more fruits Continue reading


Low-weight, high-repetition exercise adds bone density


Findings defy prior assumptions that heavy weightlifting is necessary for building bone mass.

A new research study finds that low-weight, high-repetition resistance training increases bone mineral density in adults, challenging assumptions that heavy weight-training is required to build bone mineral density.

Continue reading