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Healthcare Costs for Smokers, the Obese Much Higher

tobaccoSmoking is expensive.  So is the healthcare for smokers,  and the obese.

A new study finds that smokers and the obese ring up substantially higher annual health care costs than their nonsmoking, non-obese peers. The added costs are highest among women, non-Hispanic whites and older adults, the study reports.

“Health care costs associated with obesity and smoking are substantial, about Continue reading


High-Protein Breakfast Prevents Body Fat Gain in Obese Teens

strawberry1Go for high-protein breakfast!

Some 60 percent of young people habitually skip breakfast up to four times a week.

Although health experts recommend breakfast as a strategy to reduce the chance of obesity, little research has examined if the actual type of breakfast consumed plays a Continue reading


Obesity, Microbiome and “Alexander Microbes”

What do microbiomes have to do with Alexander the Great?

In May, Functional Medicine pioneer Dr Leo Galland presented “Our Internal Community” for a Functional Forum audience, discussing the human microbiome, and the importance of “Alexander Microbes” in combating obesity.

Watch the seven-minute clip below of Dr. Galland’s talk to learn more about the concept of Alexander organisms, as well as the twin studies that suggest that genes are not destiny when it comes to the gut microbiome:







Tomatoes for Weight Loss

Photo Credit: Christina Galland

Photo Credit: Christina Galland

By Dr. Leo Galland

Tomatoes are one of my favorite fat-burning, inflammation-fighting foods.

When you reduce inflammation, you can make your weight loss hormones such as leptin, work properly, allowing you to lose weight. Continue reading


Dietary Fat or Carbs, Which is Key to Weight Loss?

hamburg1Dietary fat or carbs,  which is key in losing your body weight?

In a recent study, restricting dietary fat led to body fat loss at a rate 68 percent higher than cutting the same number of carbohydrate calories when adults with obesity ate strictly controlled diets.

Carb restriction lowered production of the fat-regulating hormone insulin and increased fat burning as expected, whereas fat restriction Continue reading


How Obesity Adds Risk of Hypertension

forksThe link between obesity and cardiovascular diseases is well acknowledged. Being obese or overweight is a major risk factor for the development of elevated blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases.

But it has net been known how obesity increases the risk of high blood pressure, making it difficult to develop evidence based therapies for obesity, hypertension and heart disease. Continue reading