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Schools play a key role in the health of teenagers.


New research found that students in schools where sugary drinks were available consumed them more often and were more likely to be obese on the BMI scale.


Canadian scientists believe that sugary
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Could what is living in your gut impact your weight?


A new study in the British Journal of Nutrition has discovered that probiotics may help women lose weight.

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Worried about the wining and dining during this holiday season and the upcoming New Year celebrations?


Researchers from University of Bath in the UK have one message for you: Go exercise!

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By Jonathan Galland


Did you know that you can warm your body all the way to your feet by drinking hot tea?


When the cold weather comes, like now in the northeast, you can boost your body temperature and feel more comfortable by sticking to drinking hot tea and hot water.

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New research from the University of Queensland in Australia highlights the connection between inflammation and obesity.


They found that there is an abnormal amount of an inflammatory protein called PAR2 in the abdominal fat tissue of overweight and obese humans.

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You have seen too many people, adults and teenagers alike, glued to their TV or smart phone screens during meal times, as if they are too busy to spare a few minutes for a hearty meal with family or friends.


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