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Reboot Your Metabolism to Lose Weight, Gain Energy

SummitIs willpower the reason you can’t lose weight? When’s the last time you reset your metabolism? Maybe your lack of energy and weight loss challenges aren’t a diet issue, but a metabolism that needs a wake up call!

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The Empowering Neurologist – Dr. David Perlmutter and Dr. Leo Galland

Dr. Galland enjoyed this interview with his good friend and colleague Dr. David Perlmutter, and wants to share it with YOU.

The discussion focuses on how dietary choices influence metabolism and even appetite. They also talk about the role of the hormone leptin and how it influences appetite, as well as how insulin function is affected by our food choices.  Watch it here:






Heal Your Gut Online Summit


Did you know that it takes an army of microbes to keep your weight in balance?

World leading integrated medicine pioneer Dr. Leo Galland will explain why Alexander Microbes (named after Alexander The Great) are critical in the fight against fat.

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Smart Fat for Weight Loss + 5 Gifts


fat_副本The new info around top nutrition circles is all about fat, and what you don’t know is life altering – anti-aging – and energy restoring….  and offered at no cost at all.  It’s just about changing lives.

To celebrate their newest book, Smart Fat: Eat More Fat. Lose More Weight. Get Healthy Now, two of my good friends and colleagues, Steven Masley, MD  and celebrity nutritionist Dr. Jonny Bowden  have created one of the most powerful video training series I’ve ever seen.

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Why You Should Have Turmeric Every Day

We are thrilled to share with you Jonathan Galland's new article "Why You Should Have 
Turmeric Every Day", which was published on Oct. 29 by MindBodyGreen.

Before there were prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines, herbs and spices were the foundation of traditional medicine practices around the world.

Fast-forward thousands of years, and researchers today are now taking a fresh look at the potential in these natural remedies. The Indian spice turmeric is right at the top of the list.

Turmeric, with its mellow flavor and bright color, is a key ingredient in curry powder, and a highlight of cooking in places from India to Nepal to Southeast Asia. Turmeric’s health benefits — along with that distinctive yellow color — come from a group of flavonoids called curcuminoids. (That’s why the dietary supplement from turmeric is called curcumin.)

As modern science is now showing, turmeric is an outstanding example of the concept that foods can powerfully support the body’s healing processes. The past few decades have witnessed intense research devoted to this “sacred spice.” Here are seven of the most important benefits it can offer:

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Healthcare Costs for Smokers, the Obese Much Higher

tobaccoSmoking is expensive.  So is the healthcare for smokers,  and the obese.

A new study finds that smokers and the obese ring up substantially higher annual health care costs than their nonsmoking, non-obese peers. The added costs are highest among women, non-Hispanic whites and older adults, the study reports.

“Health care costs associated with obesity and smoking are substantial, about Continue reading