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Early in my residency, I saw first hand that the traditional symptom-drug approach rarely worked to help people get truly healthy, feel good and function well on a daily basis.


Though my conventional medical school training was invaluable, it was rooted in prescription dispensing. There was little in my original medical training that taught me how to look at the causes of illnesses and Continue reading »


Millions of people in the West today utilize traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, herbs, massage and nutritional therapies.


Yet only a few U.S. schools that teach Chinese medicine require Chinese-language training and only a handful of Chinese medical texts have so far been translated into English.

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“I have the greatest job in the world. I’m a doctor. I love my work,” says Lillie Rosenthal, DO, who practices integrative medicine in NYC.


In an era when clinicians are dissuading their kids from medical careers and physician Continue reading »


By Dr. Jeffrey Bland


“Personalized Medicine.”


This term has come into frequent use, both in the medical field and in the media. But what does “personalized medicine” mean?


Actually, there is no single definition. Continue reading »


The reality is that most of us don’t know how bad we feel until we start feeling better. We accept chronic symptoms as a necessary part of life. That is just not necessary. We have solutions today that you are not hearing about.

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By Jonathan Galland

Drug Deaths Overtake Car Fatalities

What is in your medicine cabinet could be more dangerous than what is in your driveway.


That’s the takeaway from a new report on the growing epidemic of prescription drug abuse from the Los Angeles Times. Drug deaths have doubled within a decade, while traffic fatalities have declined.

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