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Feeding Your Gut

Are you properly nourishing the helpful microbes in your gut?


On the one hand, if you are following a healthy diet and having some yogurt or probiotics, then you could be fostering better health for your digestive system.

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Good Gut Bacteria Help Fight Infection

Professor Sarkis Mazmanian

Not all bacteria are our enemies. Many bacteria living inside our bodies are actually helping to keep us healthy.


A new study by Caltech professor of biology and biological engineering Sarkis Mazmanian and his team found that beneficial bacteria could prepare the immune cells in our blood to fight infections from harmful bacteria.

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Gut bacteria may regulate blood pressure

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University and Yale University have discovered that a specialized receptor, normally found in the nose, is also in blood vessels throughout the body.

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Can Bacteria Make You Hungry?

You may have heard that there are ten times more bacteria than human cells in the body.


But what if some of those bacteria made you hungry?

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