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Wire Your Brain for Healthy Foods

Photo Credit Christina Galland

Good news for people concerned about weight gain – you can train your brain to prefer healthy low-calorie foods over unhealthy higher-calorie foods!


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A Community Approach to Obesity

By Dr. Mark Hyman


You are more likely to be healthy if your friends are healthy and more likely to be overweight if your friends are overweight.


Both good health and bad health are contagious. So is happiness or depression.

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Spice It Up with Coconut Oil

By Michael Fuhrman, D.C.


Coconut oil appears to possess a variety of useful properties that may make it, when used appropriately, an excellent dietary fat.


Coconut oil is full of antioxidative compounds which helps protect it from oxidation and degradation.


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Obesity is an Inflammatory Disease

New research from the University of Queensland in Australia highlights the connection between inflammation and obesity.


They found that there is an abnormal amount of an inflammatory protein called PAR2 in the abdominal fat tissue of overweight and obese humans.

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Overweight and Healthy is a Myth

Can you be overweight and truly healthy?


A new review from a leading medical journal, Annals of Internal Medicine, looked into that question, concluded that being overweight carries serious health risks.

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Are You a Skinny Fat Person?

By Dr. Mark Hyman

The common wisdom is that if you are thin, you are healthy.


But new research points to just how dangerous being skinny can be – if you are a skinny fat person that is.

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