Sports Drinks Alert - How Sports Drinks Melt Your Teeth

By Jonathan Galland

Sports Drinks Alert - How Sports Drinks Melt Your Teeth

If you like popular sports drinks, you could be putting your teeth at risk.


According to a recent study on sports drinks led by Mark Wolff  DDS, a professor at NYU’s College of Dentistry, top selling sports drinks can lead to softening of tooth enamel and erosion.


Dr. Wolff explains: “Sports drinks are very acidic drinks. When they become your soft drink, your fluid, then you run the real risk of very significant effects, such as etching the teeth and actually eroding the dentin if you have exposed roots.”  Dentin is the dental tissue underneath enamel.


Sports drinks are usually made with citric acid and sugar or high fructose corn syrup with some artificial color thrown in.  Sounds like the perfect storm to ruin teeth.


So toss the sports drinks, and save your smile.


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