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The Microbiome Medicine Summit Free Online Feb. 29–Mar. 7

link_副本Do you know that your body is mostly bacteria?

According to research we are 50% bacteria! These trillions of organisms known as the microbiome live all over our bodies and have a profound influence on our health. But what do you know about your microbiome?

Understanding your microbiome is vitally important to understanding how to live a healthy life! Continue reading


Early Exposure to Dogs Lowers Asthma Risk in Children

Frankie1Is it safe to have dogs around newborn babies?

Research found that a reduced risk for childhood asthma at the age of six was associated with exposure to dogs or farm animals during a child’s first year of life.

Childhood asthma is a global health concern. A number of environmental factors have been associated with either increased or decreased risk of asthma. Continue reading


Over Half Asian-Americans with Diabetes Undiagnosed

Asian in boat

Diabetes has become an epidemic.

New study found rising prevalence of diabetes among all Americans,  from nearly 10 percent to over 12 percent between 1988 and 2012.  Diabetes figures also went up in every age, sex, level of education, income and racial/ethnic subgroup.

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Healthcare Costs for Smokers, the Obese Much Higher

tobaccoSmoking is expensive.  So is the healthcare for smokers,  and the obese.

A new study finds that smokers and the obese ring up substantially higher annual health care costs than their nonsmoking, non-obese peers. The added costs are highest among women, non-Hispanic whites and older adults, the study reports.

“Health care costs associated with obesity and smoking are substantial, about Continue reading


Water Pollution Harming Deep Sea Fish


Deep-water marine fish living on the continental slopes at depths from 2,000 feet to one mile have liver pathologies, tumors and other health problems that may be linked to human-caused pollution, one of the first studies of its type has found.

The research, conducted in the Bay of Continue reading


Reductions in Biodiversity Can Raise Disease Risk: USF

The world is all about biodiversity.

Research by University of South Florida (USF) biologists and colleagues show that having an abundance and diversity of predators - such as dragonflies, damselflies, and aquatic bugs - to eat parasites is good for the health of amphibians, a group of Continue reading