How do I enter supplements and medications?

First, you will need to sign up or log in.

After you log in, you will see a place that says “Enter What You’re Taking”. Located here are three input boxes where you can type in the names of prescriptions, supplements and over the counter medications.

Select the section to which you wish to add an item. Type the name of the item into the input box. A drop down list will show names of medications or supplements based on what you have typed, allowing for faster selection. Now click ‘Add’ to enter this item.

To enter more items, repeat the process for each new prescription, supplement or OTC medication.

Forgot your password :

  • go to Login page here
  • click forgot user name or password?
  • enter your email address and we’ll send you an email.
  • use your email address and temporary password to login
  • to reset your password, see directions below.
 Reset your password:
  • login, here
  • click My Account on top right corner on My Pills page.

Click My Account

  • enter your existing password.
  • enter a new password,
  • enter the new password again in confirm password
  • click update

If you are asked to enter your current password, do so, as you will be unable to change the password otherwise.