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Jonathan Galland’s Blog on MindBodyGreen — 5 New Reasons To Drink Tea


As we embrace the spring after a seemingly never-ending freezing winter, here is a refreshing look at the tradition and science of tea.

Jonathan Galland, CEO of PillAdvised, has just published a blog on MindBodyGreen on 5 New Reasons To Drink Tea + How to Brew Your Spring Detox Cup.

In this blog he talks about tea health benefits and the ancient wisdom of tea from traditional Chinese Medicine.  Learn how modern science is uncovering

how tea can help with fat-burning, anti-aging, mood-boosting, immunity, and bone health.

In China, where they have a tea history of over one thousand years, people enjoy endless cups of steaming hot tea at home and bring a thermos of hot tea with them wherever they go.

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Nutraceutical Boosts Natural Killer Cells of Immune System


inthewoodsModern medicine fights diseases by the use of drugs, surgery, radiation and other therapies, but real health can only be attained by maintaining a healthy immune system, which directs the healing process. 

This system is the key to fighting every kind of insult to the body, from a small cut


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Holistic Approach to Depression and Anxiety

By Dr. Kelly Brogan


Don’t be lured into the simplicity of a one disease-one drug model.


When a woman experiences fatigue, brain clouding, flat mood, and PMS, conventional medicine calls it anxiety or stress and puts her on an antidepressant that she will likely take for the rest of her life.

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Dr. Hoffman Highlights Immune-Boosting Nutrients

Today we are honored to begin an exciting series of articles by Ronald Hoffman, MD, an esteemed colleague and good friend of Dr. Leo Galland.


Dr. Hoffman is one of America’s leaders in complementary and alternative medicine. He is a frequent lecturer, medical expert in the media and the host of Health Talk, the longest-running medical talk show on the radio. He is the author of popular books including How to Talk with Your Doctor and Intelligent Medicine.

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Stay Healthy This Holiday

By Jonathan Galland


Staying healthy is a real challenge this time of year due to the cold weather, staying indoors and indulging in food and drink.


It’s now peak influenza (flu) season, which continues until April. Continue reading


An Integrated Approach to Boosting Winter Immunity

by Dr. Leo Galland

Dr.Leo Galland

Colder weather and more time spent indoors make staying healthy a real challenge this time of year.


Millions of people face getting sidelined or made miserable by the common cold. Taking steps for prevention could make life a lot more pleasant in the wintertime. Continue reading