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Jonathan Galland’s Blog on MindBodyGreen — 5 New Reasons To Drink Tea


As we embrace the spring after a seemingly never-ending freezing winter, here is a refreshing look at the tradition and science of tea.

Jonathan Galland, CEO of PillAdvised, has just published a blog on MindBodyGreen on 5 New Reasons To Drink Tea + How to Brew Your Spring Detox Cup.

In this blog he talks about tea health benefits and the ancient wisdom of tea from traditional Chinese Medicine.  Learn how modern science is uncovering

how tea can help with fat-burning, anti-aging, mood-boosting, immunity, and bone health.

In China, where they have a tea history of over one thousand years, people enjoy endless cups of steaming hot tea at home and bring a thermos of hot tea with them wherever they go.

 Read the full blog at MindBodyGreen.




Drinking Tea Cuts Non-Cardiovascular Mortality

Tea and coffee are two of the most popular beverages in our daily life. But if your have to choose between them, which is better?


A study by French researchers showed that drinking tea reduces non-cardiovascular mortality by 24%. The finding was presented at the just Continue reading


The Hoffman Ulcer Diet

By Dr. Ronald Hoffman


Peptic ulcers are sores found in the lining of your stomach or of your duodenum, the upper portion of your small intestine.


Ulceration occurs when the stomach’s or duodenum’s mucosal lining Continue reading


Tea Improves Mood, Alertness and Problem Solving

Want to stay alert and creative? Drink more tea!


Tea has long been known for its health benefits and its antioxidant effects.


Results from new research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) Continue reading


Be Warm & Healthy by Brewing Tea

By Jonathan Galland


Did you know that you can warm your body all the way to your feet by drinking hot tea?


When the cold weather comes, like now in the northeast, you can boost your body temperature and feel more comfortable by sticking to drinking hot tea and hot water.

Continue reading


Make Thanksgiving Tea Time

Can the cola.


Skip the scotch.


Forget the fizzy stuff.


May we suggest a new way to celebrate the holidays?

Continue reading