What Doctors Say About Pill Advised:


“Pill Advised is a unique and powerful tool. It allows users to benefit from Leo Galland MD’s vast clinical experience and decades of pioneering work. Nutritional status and supplement use, although fundamental to patient care, are often either ignored or compartmentalized. Pill Advised details the varied ways in which medications, supplements, and nutrient levels all influence one another. It is indispensable for clinicians who want to integrate these facets of health into patient treatment. This program is easy to use, and opens the door to a new level of medical care.”


- Meriamne Singer, MD

Assistant Professor

Columbia University




“Patients commonly ask about the potential interactions between medications and supplements that they are taking for their health.  Until now it has been frustrating to look up that information for my patients. Now, thanks to Dr. Galland, Pill Advised is a quick and comprehensive resource for patients and practitioners who are looking to integrate medicine and supplements.”

Gerard E. Mullin, MD



- Gerard E. Mullin, MD

Associate Professor

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine





“While pharmacists remain alert for potential interactions between medications, potential conflicts with nutritional supplements are generally ignored.


Pill Advised is a powerful tool that provides detailed and user-friendly information, allowing patients to gain valuable information about the interaction of the entire spectrum of products, both pharmaceutical and supplemental that they may be using. This is an extremely valuable tool for patients and professionals alike.”

David Perlmutter, MD FACN, ABIHM



- David Perlmutter, MD FACN, ABIHM

Board-Certified Neurologist

Author of Power Up Your Brain





“With the plethora of pharmaceuticals, supplements and over-the-counter products available, the potential danger of chemical interactions is growing. We are learning that many common drugs and supplements can lead to poor absorption of key nutrients that are needed for health.


PillAdvised is a thorough and simple to use tool that will help guide the user towards a better understanding of this complexity. The information will allow us to "first do no harm" as it teaches us to use these products in a more intelligent way. I highly recommend it!”


 - David Rakel, MD

Associate Professor

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine




“Pill Advised makes it feasible for the busy clinician to provide customized, patient - specific information on drug –supplement interactions before the patient leaves the office. It is also a useful learning tool for medical students, residents, and clinician colleagues. It vastly increases the feeling of security for both patient and doctor when pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements are used together. I use it regularly and recommend it often to colleagues.”


- Nancy Cotter, MD

Medical Director

Atlantic Integrative Medicine, Morristown Memorial Hospital and Overlook Hospital



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