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Eat more walnuts for your brain’s sake!


A new animal study indicates that a diet including walnuts may have a beneficial effect in reducing the risk, delaying the onset, slowing the progression of, or preventing Alzheimer’s disease.


Research led by Abha Chauhan, head of the Developmental Neuroscience Laboratory at the Continue reading »


Obesity has become an epidemic in the West. It’s linked to many chronic diseases. UCLA researchers and a German team went further and found for the first time that obesity greatly accelerates aging of the liver.


This finding could explain the early onset of many age-related diseases, including liver cancer, in obese subjects.

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By Jonathan Galland


One natural product that is generating a lot of interest in the research centers is curcumin, the principal component of turmeric.


Turmeric is an outstanding example of the food as medicine concept, that foods can powerfully support the body’s healing processes.

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By Dr. Doni Wilson

The term “oxidative stress” is mentioned all the time in the realm of science and nutrition, but it is not often clear what it means for your health.


In fact research indicates that oxidative stress is an underlying cause of cancer, so understanding and preventing it is a smart strategy for your wellness.

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As a second U.S. Ebola patient is revealed, the public is seriously concerned by the spread of the deadly disease on the U.S. soil.


However, new research on Ebola in Nigeria offers some comfort as it showed that quick and forceful control measures has made the country a Continue reading »


Early in my residency, I saw first hand that the traditional symptom-drug approach rarely worked to help people get truly healthy, feel good and function well on a daily basis.


Though my conventional medical school training was invaluable, it was rooted in prescription dispensing. There was little in my original medical training that taught me how to look at the causes of illnesses and Continue reading »